PMP Integration

The Board of Pharmacy currently receives funding for statewide integration that allows non-federal healthcare entities to connect to the PMP Gateway at no charge. The purpose is to make the PMP more efficient and easier to use, especially with the requirement that Arizona prescribers and pharmacists check the PMP record of a patient before prescribing or dispensing certain controlled substances effective October 16, 2017 (A.R.S. 36-2606). NOTE: Patient records can be checked online at while you wait for integration.






  1. Complete the Integration Interest Form. Be sure to identify the primary contact as the person who is championing the effort on your organization’s behalf.
  2. Review and sign the Terms & Conditions.
  3. Wait for your software vendor to be approved for integration by the Board of Pharmacy.
  4. Appriss, Arizona's CSPMP's software vendor, will set up a technical meeting with your software vendor.
  5. Encourage your software vendor to make progress.

The CSPMP currently integrates with these health care entities.
There are nearly 25,000 licensed medical practitioners who have access to the PMP through an electronic health records system.